Xero Malaysia Partner of The Year Finalist 2020

We’re so excited to announce that MustaphaRaj Chartered Accountants was selected as a finalist for the Malaysia Partner of the Year at Xero Awards 2020: Asia.
Xero Awards recognise excellence among Xero accounting and bookkeeping partner firms like us and celebrates our role in helping small businesses thrive. The Xero Awards is awarded based on the following criteria:

♦ Xero knowledge and education: Demonstrate continued learning by remaining certified and staying up to date with Xero announcements and product releases.

♦ Xero products and Xero practice tools: Demonstrate how the practice makes good use of one or more Xero products and/or Xero practice tools.

♦ Innovation: Evidence of delivering effective value-added services and leading the way on industry changes.

♦ App solutions: Evidence of using apps to boost productivity and provide client solutions.

♦ Marketing strategy: Commitment to raising awareness of the benefits of Xero.

♦ Xero proponent: Demonstration of implementing Xero as the software of choice throughout the practice, and onboarding clients to Xero.

As a Xero Gold partner in Malaysia, we have shown commitment to leading the way with Xero and have achieved significant success. Our practice has routinely kept informed with the latest Xero Knowledge and education by getting our staff members Xero certified. Currently, we have 60 Xero advisors and 18 staff with Xero certifications. In the past 6 years, we have attended and participated in Xero Roadshows, Xerocon and XeroOn Air and other ongoing workshop sessions to engage with Xero experts as we uncover the power of cloud technology tools on the accounting industry

In addition, our firm has fully embraced Xero products and Xero integrated applications. From its accounting tools to employee time tracking and even project management. All staff are ‘hands-on-deck’ when it comes to using Xero at our practice. As a leading chartered accounting firm, our daily practice requires and relies on the use of Xero products especially, Xero Ledger, Xero Expense and Xero Workpapers.  Our current staff has garnered the practical use of Xero from multiple training onset of the adoption stage. And as we evolve and grow with Xero, we have added multiple applications such as WorkflowMax, Xero Projects, HR Easily, Practice Ignition and HubDoc to effectively manage our practice. The training comes with the daily use of these softwares. And with the daily use, comes the ease and savvy of understanding the benefits of each tool. All our staff is hard at work understanding all aspects of these products so we can provide the best accounting solutions for our clients.

We are thrilled to be recognised for our commitment and partnership with Xero as we aim to be at the forefront of the digital transformation of businesses in Malaysia.